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DTS - Discipleship Training School

It is much more than a course for entry into YWAM is God's burning desire for the nations! As a student, you will be joined by people from all over the world and from various lifestyles. Together, you will be immersed in a community dedicated to effectively reaching the world with the Gospel.
The School lasts for 5 months, where you will stay 3 of them in theoretical time learning various relevant subjects about missions and next 2 months we will have the opportunity to put everything that you learn in practice together with the other students and workers of the school.

The DTS at YWAM is committed to getting students to find Jesus in a genuine way. The more than 50 years of missions have taught us God's purpose for men and women; And theoretical time allows you the opportunity to experience God's heart and your love for you.

With the focus on God, you will go deeper into the Bible. With prominent speakers around the world to ensure you receive a solid and informed perspective on who Jesus is. However, our main focus is to equip you with the necessary tools so that you have the ability to study God's word alone.

The DTS in YWAM is a unique experience. We believe that discipleship is not complete until you, as a disciple, begin to make disciples. God wants you to know Him and His love as your followers! Leaders will guide you along with your colleagues as you share your faith with the nations of the world.

However we are not content to just preach the Gospel. We believe that Jesus was the greatest humanitarian ever to live. Therefore, our practitioners are focused on educating local individuals by involving us in ministries of mercy and humanitarian aid in the fight against injustice, poverty, human trafficking, hunger and others. The Kingdom of God is more than saving souls, it is also offering a complete transformation.

- Paying Registration Fee
- Be over 18 years old
- Complete the forms
- Be recommended by the Pastor
- Being a Member of a Church

Beginning: July 31st, 2022.
Ending:  December 16th, 2022.

•    Registrarion – R$ 350,00

•    A Countries – Lecture Phase – R$ R$6.600,00

Payment upon arrival – R$6.400,00
or 1x of R$ 2,000,00 + 2x of R$ 2,300,00


B Countries – Lecture Phase –  R$3.450,00   

Payment upon arrival – R$3.250,00
or 1x of R$ 1,000,00 + 2x of R$ 1,225,00


•    C Countries – Lecture Phase – R$ R$3.200,00 
Payment upon arrival – R$3.000,00
or 1x of R$ 1.000,00 + 2x of R$ 1.100,00

Lecture phase includes: Classes, housing and food.

Niko Leadership – R$180,00

Ywam conference - R$858,00 (will still have the cost of the tickets)

OUTREACH: R$ 3000,00 in Brazil (This value may change)

+55 (86) 99915-0404 / +55 86 99479-2072


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